What is networking?

What is networking?

Networking is the process of building relationships. The key to building a strong network is to add value to every person you meet and be genuine in your approach. At its core, networking is all about mastering the art of a good conversation.

What is Networking within Academia?

Networking within academia is the process of building relationships with key faculty and staff members to maximize your opportunities within academia. This is the type of networking that will maximize your undergraduate or graduate career. It is also an excellent way to find mentors.

What is LinkedIn Networking?

This type of networking is specifically designed to build strong professional relationships through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is rich in resources and opportunities. Most leave those resources untapped because their use of LinkedIn stops after their profile is complete.

At Achievement Consulting, we’ll delve deeper to access those hidden opportunities.

What is Networking in Person?

Networking in Person is where mastering the art of a good conversation becomes critical. With the power of social media, networking is no longer limited to conferences. However, how you engage with other professionals in person can still make or break your career or business venture. We’ll walk through how to present yourself professionally and authentically. I’ll also show you how to find networking events to attend and leverage those encounters for your benefit.

What is Business Networking?

As an entrepreneur, you represent the essence of your brand and yourself simultaneously. There is an art to positioning yourself in the right circles to get your business where it needs to be. For some, this art is mastered naturally. For others, it is with trial and error. Together we’ll build a model to help position your business in the right space to be successful.

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