Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions

Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions

Getting to your higher education goals will follow the same three-step process: start where you are, define where you want to be and build a bridge to fill the gap.

You are here because you are ready to take the next step in your academic career whether it’s your bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate.

Regardless of the type of program, you plan to pursue, together we’ll demystify the process of earning your degree! I’ll show you how to evaluate various programs and find the right fit for you!

There’s more to having a successful academic career than just getting in. The process also includes networking within academia to build a support system for faculty and staff who want to see you succeed. Simultaneously we’ll need to prepare you for your post-graduation career. Whether you’re new to the workforce or trying to transition to a new industry, we’ll navigate what that transition looks life for you!

I’ll also show you how to find scholarships and master a work-life balance in order to ensure your academic success. We’ll connect you to peer mentors and organizations that will support you in your higher education. I’ll show you how to network within academia and LinkedIn to maximize your opportunities now and post graduation.

I have an unwavering faith in human potential. You can do it. I can help. Let’s get started today.

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