Candace Strother | CEO of QueenLyfe Inc. 

I highly recommend this business! Nnenna is a mastermind business consultant who also provided excellent social media coverage for my recent event. Her ability to capture highlights increased our impressions by 2500 profile views in one night! Talk about impressive! This service is worth every penny!

Jacqui Morales| Graduate Student Candidate | Painter and Digital Artist

I’m currently a senior at Stephen F. Austin State University. My mom and I sought help from Nnenna Umelloh to better prepare me for my future: Graduate School, Internships, Job searching.

During Nnenna’s and my consultation, she asked me questions such as: Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? As well as other questions regarding what kind of experience I’m searching for in a job and graduate school.

I really liked her approach to helping me discover that I could successfully take on all that I’m setting out to do. I want to work for a stop-motion animation company, but I also want to be a painting professor and either open my own gallery or be affiliated with one. Nnenna was able to dissect the path I need to take in order to get there. She explained to me the only way to be successful is to feel like you will be truly productive in the environment I put myself in. And the first step to that path is Graduate school.

Nnenna and I talked about my current list of graduate schools I want to apply to and why which helped me eliminated and also add a few schools to that list. We talked about application deadlines and what I needed to do in order to get in the running, such as talking to their current faculty or building connections with those I already knew went to those schools.

We also talked about jobs and internship opportunities and different scenarios that could work in my favor. I had never thought about, which Nnenna brought to the table, was getting an internship in the area near whichever grad school I end up at so that I could learn the area before classes start. She proceeded to also share with me different internships/jobs she found that could benefit my career.

I really liked how Nnenna didn’t just go for the obvious solutions, she was able to give me more knowledge and bring different solutions that not many people would have even considered as an option. As a whole, Nnenna was very well prepared and very knowledgeable at what she does, even adapting her business practices to an art major such as myself.

She and I concluded that I’m currently on my ideal path to get to grad school. And her and plan to have our second meeting either early-December or mid-January. I’d definitely recommend Nnenna to friends, in fact, I already have. She was able to help me better understand what I myself am looking for in my future.

Thank you Nnenna!

LaKitia Woodard: Sister Coach | Founder of A Sister’s Truth, LLC

Thanks to Nnenna, creating and managing my social media calendar got a lot easier. She developed a format for my content calendar that I’ve been able to replicate over and over again. Now what took me weeks to do is done is a matter of days. Her expertise has given me back time because I’m no longer agonizing over what to post each day. I’m able to schedule my social media content in advance leaving more time to focus on other aspects of my business such as recruiting new clients, booking speaking engagements, marketing, etc. Thanks Nnenna for your brilliance!

Kaylon Beck: 2019 MBA Candidate | Principal Event Planner | The Ultimate Hospitality Group

I had the pleasure of meeting Nnenna at an incubator with like-minded individuals who were passionate about starting & growing their businesses. Since then, Nnenna has been very beneficial in my life with great significance towards my acceptance into graduate school. We often met on ways for me relieve the financial stress of going back to school & she assisted with researching scholarships while also being a consultant for my business. She is passionate about helping others and shows the best interest in seeing her clients succeed. I am looking forward to doing more work with Nnenna in the future!