Universities Home to the Highest Percentage of International Students in the World

I have written several articles about studying abroad and getting the most bang for your buck (scholarships). Another way to add value to your academic career is enrolling into a university abroad. For many first time travelers, this might be a big leap. In my article about attending a foreign institution, I mentioned that one [...]

The Easiest Way to Attend a Foreign Institution

Some college students will spend a summer, semester or even a year abroad feel satiated. Others crave more. (A lot more.) They want to study abroad for a long term which is amazing! There are several ways to get an authentic immersive experience abroad. If you want to be abroad full time, here are three different strategies to make it a reality.

4 Practical Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language in College

Learning a foreign language in college is tough and incredibly rewarding. I encourage all college students to lean into that challenge because attending college is supposed to challenge you to grow emotionally, mentally, spiritually (at times) and especially intellectually.

Here lies the unsolicited advice from a woman trapped in Vancouver, Canada

Things did not work out exactly as I planned and there was some inconveniences involved, but on the other hand I had a chance to explore a city I probably would have never visited otherwise on someone else's dime. I also made friendships that would not have existed without this inconvenience. I'm not saying it's easy shifting perspective and finding or flat out making opportunities for yourself but it is definitely worth it.