How to Choose the Right Trade School (Because College is Not for Everyone)

I sincerely, wholeheartedly believe that every living breathing person deserves access to a quality higher education. I just don’t believe that a quality higher education translates to a college education. Indeed, a college education should be accessible to you if you so choose, but college is not for everyone.

20 Questions Closer to the Right Major for You

Navigating higher education can be confusing. I know there are a lot of factors to consider. Talking to a college student can give you valuable insight. When you sit down with a college student, thank them for their time and respect the time that they have. You don’t have to use all these questions. They’re just a good place to start.

How to Find the Perfect College For You!

Not every high school student is going to go to college. Some will choose to enlist or take a gap year. Others might decide go to vocational training or trade school. Regardless of what you end up doing after high school, I encourage everyone to seek a higher education, but that higher education does not necessarily have to be college. With that being said, if you are pretty sure that you want to go to college, but need help picking the right one-you have reached the right place!