Scholarships for Grad School

Nnenna Umelloh helps people go to college, grad school or trade school with scholarships with her scholarship book

Grad school presents a unique opportunity to increase your expertise in a specific field.

Whether you’re pursuing a graduate education in the arts and sciences, going to business school, law school or enrolling in a Ph.D. program, grad school is a significant time and financial commitment.

Does it have to be though?

While it is common knowledge that grad school on average requires an additional 2-5 years of schooling, did you know there are scholarships available for grad school students?

Did you know there are scholarships available for grad school students?

One in four grad school students owe over $100,000 in student loans.

A student with an MBA can accrue as much as $42,000 in student loans.

Do not become another statistic.

When you schedule an appoitnemnt with me, I will show you exactly how I earned $80,000 in scholarships for college AND $38,000 for grad school.

A debt-free graduate education is possible.

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“Nnenna has been very beneficial in my life with great significance towards my acceptance into graduate school. We often met on ways for me relieve the financial stress of going back to school & she assisted with researching scholarships…” 


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