Scholarships for College

Nnenna helps people go to college, grad school or trade school with scholarships with her new scholarship book

The cost of college has skyrocketed in the past 50 years- far outpacing the rate of inflation. Students are burying themselves in debt to cover the cost of higher education.

The average college student graduates with almost $40,000 in student loans.

More than 1 million people default on their loans each year. (Default: when no payment has been made on a student loan for about a year)

Nationwide, Americans owe $1.5 trillion in student loans.

What difference would it make in your life if you could pay for college with scholarships?

Together, we’ll dive into the world of scholarships, colleges, and higher education.

When you schedule an appointment with me, I’ll show you exactly how I earned $80,000 in scholarships to go to college.

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“Nnenna has been very beneficial in my life with great significance towards my acceptance into graduate school. We often met on ways for me relieve the financial stress of going back to school & she assisted with researching scholarships…”


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schedule AN APPOINTMENT today!