5 Easy Ways to Stay Informed and Civically Engaged as a College Student

It’s easy to get your head stuck in the silo that is college. Between student orgs, exams and career development, it’s hard to find enough time to breathe and pay attention to what’s happening outside of campus. Alas, staying civically engaged is yet another responsibility of adulthood. If you are not informed about decisions that [...]

How to create a Professional Relationship with your Professor

College students are encouraged to create healthy, professional relationships with their professors both in and out of the classroom. Professors have access to an entire network of resources that can help advance you academically and professionally. Don’t squander these opportunities by coasting through classes. If you plan your classes right and you’re strategic about the professors [...]

8 Ways To Make Your Career Advisor Work For YOU!

Career advisors are worth their weight in gold and you should meet with your frequently and early! (By early, I do mean as soon as you get on campus. The first day of school if possible would be best.) The reason I am so adamant about you creating a strong relationship with your career advisor early on is so that they can help you make the most of your academic career to prepare you for a strong head start post-graduation.

How to Successfully Complete College with Two Degrees (or more) in Four Years

Personally, I have two degrees and yes, they are completely worth it. I have a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Liberal Studies. I knew long before I started at the University of Houston that I wanted a degree in Liberal Arts. I’ve always valued a liberal arts education and I believed it would round out my educational experience at U of H. (I was right).