Why It Is Completely Okay to Attend Your Parents’ Alma Mater

Yea, to you it was forever ago and to them, it might feel like forever ago too, but the point is they went. They went and were able to make the most of their own experiences. Going to the school that your parents went to doesn’t mean you failed the college search.

Universities Home to the Highest Percentage of International Students in the World

I have written several articles about studying abroad and getting the most bang for your buck (scholarships). Another way to add value to your academic career is enrolling into a university abroad. For many first time travelers, this might be a big leap. In my article about attending a foreign institution, I mentioned that one [...]

The Honors College: One of the Best Investments in your Higher Education

Funny enough, when I applied to the University of Houston, I got accepted into the Honors College before I was accepted into the University of Houston-Main Campus. There were two separate applications. I applied to the Honors College first just assuming that if I got into the Honors College there was no way I’d get rejected from the Main Campus. I was right.

Where the World’s Most Remarkable Women Attended College

These are some remarkable women in the world including Michelle Obama, Malala Yousafzai, Emma Watson, and Condoleezza Rice. Aren't you at least a little curious where they went to college?

How to Successfully Complete College with Two Degrees (or more) in Four Years

Personally, I have two degrees and yes, they are completely worth it. I have a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Liberal Studies. I knew long before I started at the University of Houston that I wanted a degree in Liberal Arts. I’ve always valued a liberal arts education and I believed it would round out my educational experience at U of H. (I was right).

How to Find the Perfect College For You!

Not every high school student is going to go to college. Some will choose to enlist or take a gap year. Others might decide go to vocational training or trade school. Regardless of what you end up doing after high school, I encourage everyone to seek a higher education, but that higher education does not necessarily have to be college. With that being said, if you are pretty sure that you want to go to college, but need help picking the right one-you have reached the right place!