Universities Home to the Highest Percentage of International Students in the World

I have written several articles about studying abroad and getting the most bang for your buck (scholarships). Another way to add value to your academic career is enrolling into a university abroad. For many first time travelers, this might be a big leap. In my article about attending a foreign institution, I mentioned that one [...]

The Easiest Way to Attend a Foreign Institution

Some college students will spend a summer, semester or even a year abroad feel satiated. Others crave more. (A lot more.) They want to study abroad for a long term which is amazing! There are several ways to get an authentic immersive experience abroad. If you want to be abroad full time, here are three different strategies to make it a reality.

College Detour: How to Make the Most of a Gap Year

Be warned. This does NOT mean you can get away doing nothing. Doing nothing is a waste of time and can do more damage than good in the long run. Use it as a time to develop yourself professionally and/or personally. Here’s how to make the most of your gap year.

The Honors College: One of the Best Investments in your Higher Education

Funny enough, when I applied to the University of Houston, I got accepted into the Honors College before I was accepted into the University of Houston-Main Campus. There were two separate applications. I applied to the Honors College first just assuming that if I got into the Honors College there was no way I’d get rejected from the Main Campus. I was right.

The Smartest Approach to Student Loans from a Scholarship Superstar

I know taking out a student loan can be scary and in this case, I would say a healthy dose of fear can do you some good. Let that fear motivate you to pay off those loans aggressively. Student loans can be a huge financial burden that can weigh you down for decades if you’re not careful.

9 Questions to ask a Financial Aid Advisor in the First Meeting

The conversation these questions will prompt will lead you to more questions. If you run out of time, don’t freak out. Keep a record of your conversation and the questions you have left. If you need to make another appointment, do it right then and there or send a follow-up email with your questions if they don’t require another session.

Where the World’s Most Remarkable Women Attended College

These are some remarkable women in the world including Michelle Obama, Malala Yousafzai, Emma Watson, and Condoleezza Rice. Aren't you at least a little curious where they went to college?

4 Practical Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language in College

Learning a foreign language in college is tough and incredibly rewarding. I encourage all college students to lean into that challenge because attending college is supposed to challenge you to grow emotionally, mentally, spiritually (at times) and especially intellectually.

5 Easy Ways to Stay Informed and Civically Engaged as a College Student

Alas, staying civically engaged is yet another responsibility of adulthood. If you are not informed about decisions that affect your life, then other people will make decisions on your behalf (and they may or may not be in your best interest.) Plus, it’s important to remember, that as a college student you are part of a bigger community. Your voice counts but it only counts if you know what you’re talking about. That’s why it’s so important to stay informed.

The Relieving Truth about the SAT and ACT

When (or if) you take this test, keep in mind that as soon as you get on campus (or get your acceptance letter) no one will ever ask you again about the test. Yea, that’s right. Nobody cares. Honest to goodness, nobody cares. If you don’t believe me ask your parents or any adult who has been through college. Ask them when was the last time someone asked them about the SATs/ACTs.

20 Questions Closer to the Right Major for You

Navigating higher education can be confusing. I know there are a lot of factors to consider. Talking to a college student can give you valuable insight. When you sit down with a college student, thank them for their time and respect the time that they have. You don’t have to use all these questions. They’re just a good place to start.

How to create a Professional Relationship with your Professor

College students are encouraged to create healthy, professional relationships with their professors both in and out of the classroom. Professors have access to an entire network of resources that can help advance you academically and professionally. Don’t squander these opportunities by coasting through classes.

8 Ways To Make Your Career Advisor Work For YOU!

Career advisors are worth their weight in gold and you should meet with your frequently and early! (By early, I do mean as soon as you get on campus. The first day of school if possible would be best.) The reason I am so adamant about you creating a strong relationship with your career advisor early on is so that they can help you make the most of your academic career to prepare you for a strong head start post-graduation.