Following your dreams does not have to make the most amount of sense right away

Wherever your dreams take you, the most important think to remember is the reason why you are passionate about it in the first place. The reason does not have to make sense to everyone, but it needs to make sense to you. It also has to be compelling enough to keep you going when following this dream becomes difficult.

Fake smiles and missed opportunities

The difference between living and being alive is the difference between being the driver or a passenger. Those who are living are empowered to make certain demands from their life like authenticity, joy and progress. Contrarily, those who are simply alive become the accumulation of other people's choices instead of their own. You probably know [...]

Here lies the unsolicited advice from a woman trapped in Vancouver, Canada

Things did not work out exactly as I planned and there was some inconveniences involved, but on the other hand I had a chance to explore a city I probably would have never visited otherwise on someone else's dime. I also made friendships that would not have existed without this inconvenience. I'm not saying it's easy shifting perspective and finding or flat out making opportunities for yourself but it is definitely worth it.