Career Development

Services include: Career Strategy | LinkedIn Networking | Networking in Person | Public Speaking for Non-Native English Speakers | Social Media Consulting | WordPress Site Creation | Interview Skills | Resume Review

Career Development

Career development is more than just landing a job. It is about landing the right job to launch your career in the right direction. It’s also about leveraging your current job to serve your career goals.

Whether you are just getting into the workforce or need help pivoting into another field, together we’ll design a plan specific to your career goals. You deserve a tailored plan that accentuates your unique experiences, strengths and skills. This is how you get started!

The process starts the same way.

  1. Start where you are
  2. Define where you want to be
  3. Build a bridge to fill the gap

Start where you are

Oftentimes, we don’t give credit to the work that brought us to where we are right now. At Achievement Consulting, we capitalize on the experiences that got you to where you are right now. That means taking into account your strengths and interests in order to build a unique pathway to your academic career.

Define where you want to be

We’ll use your unique attributes (talents, interests, strengths) as a template to flesh out your goals. We’ll adjust course to adapt to new discoveries, but this template will be our North Star.

Build a bridge to fill the gap

We’ll  use the various services and resources I have to help you bridge the gap to help you achieve your goals. I have an unwavering faith in human potential. I sincerely believe with the right access to resources and proper support systems you can achieve anything. I will be there with you every step of the way.

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