How to Write a Handwritten Thank You Note

Writing a Thank you card from scratch is a time honored tradition

Thank you notes are an appropriate way to show appreciation for the time and effort some has performed on your behalf. You can write a thank you note to your scholarship sponsors after you win a scholarship, employers, letter of recommendation writers, your parents, and virtually anyone who has helped you out in the past.

With that being said, it does not have to be a handwritten thank you note. If your penmanship is really poor, you can type it out, but the best way to show your appreciation is to send a letter. If a letter is not feasible, then write an email. Writing a thank you note is relatively straightforward, I promise. It’s not rocket science.

#1 Address the individual or organization

Who are you writing it to? If you’re writing it to a professor then make sure you spell their name right and you have the right titles. If you are writing it to an organization, make sure you spell the organization correctly. Address the person directly and appropriately. Try to avoid saying “To Whom it May Concern” because you should know who it concerns.

#2 Say thank you

Literally, say thank you. You could be thanking them for a scholarship or a letter of recommendation or something else. It’s important to say thank you for whatever they did for you and be specific.

#3 Describe how what they did make a difference

If they wrote you a letter of recommendation for a scholarship, then the LOR helped complete your application. If they wrote you a LOR for a program or college then the LOR helped complete your application to such-and-such program or college. You don’t have to imply that they moved heaven and earth if that’s not the case but acknowledge how they helped you out.

#4 Say thank you again

Literally, say thank you again. Genuine gratitude and appreciation will never get old.

#5 End with salutations

These are closing remarks like “Best regards” or “Sincerely”.

#6 Sign your name

No explanation needed. Sign your name.


This is a very simple, straightforward example of how to write a thank you note. Thank you notes do not have to be elaborate. In fact, the name “note” implies that it’s brief. It’s a nice touch to show that you appreciate their time.

This is a sample note.


Dear (#1),

Thank you so much writing a letter of recommendation for my college application (#2). It helped complete my application to the University of Houston (#3). I appreciate the time you took to write the letter.

Thanks again (#4).

Best regard (#5),

Nnenna Umelloh (#6)


Have you written a thank you note before and completely overthought the whole process? What else did you add to your note? Let me know in the comments section below. If you have any questions feel free to ask me here or in the comments section. If this article helped you out, please pass it along!








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