Universities Home to the Highest Percentage of International Students in the World

I have written several articles about studying abroad and getting the most bang for your buck (scholarships). Another way to add value to your academic career is enrolling into a university abroad. For many first time travelers, this might be a big leap.

In my article about attending a foreign institution, I mentioned that one way to get an authentic experience is applying directly to a university abroad.  This will probably be one of the most challenging and rewarding applications of your life.

To make this process more bearable I strongly encourage you to apply to universities with a large international population. Universities with a significant international population have systems and procedures in place to streamline the process.

The following are recommendations of universities to consider with a significant international student body. You can check out the full list at the Times of Higher Education.

The American University of Sharjah

United Arab Emirates

Photo Credit: American University of Sharjah
Maastricht University


Photo Credit: Maastricht University
Murdoch University


Photo Credit: Wikipedia
Qatar University


Photo Credit: Newsweek
University of Innsbruck


Photo Credit: University of Innsbruck
Simon Fraser University


Photo Credit: Simon Fraser University
American University of Beirut


Photo Credit: AUB Outlook
Yonsei University

South Korea

Photo Credit: Yonsei University

Which universities peaked your interest the most? What was your experience applying? Share your stories below! As always, I’m just a click away if you have any questions.

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