Step 1: Find Your Voice

It took me over six months to start producing original content. I started my business in October 2016, but I did not start publishing original content until June 2017.


To be honest, I did not think anyone would listen to what I had to say. Furthermore, I did not know what to say. When I started my business, I could not find my voice. Since I could not find my own voice, I was overwhelmed by the voices of my mentors. My mentors are amazing, but they intimidated me in the beginning.

I wanted to embody their level of credibility. I thought in order to have that level of credibility, I had to sound a certain way, be a certain age and have X many years of experience. Essentially, I was trying to embody the voice of my mentors. Furthermore, I am a young female entrepreneur going into consulting. There are industry professionals who have literally being consulting for all of my life. Faced with that type of pressure, I froze.

My mentors are amazing and so am I, but it took me a while to realize that. I was finally able to find my own voice when I stopped holding myself hostage to superficial standards. When I decided for myself that what I had to share was valuable and developed my own standards of what was good enough, everything started falling into place.

The more authentic I became with my brand, the more people I attracted. For example, I have shared my personal experiences with my time abroad, learning a new language and experiencing new things. Right now, I’m sharing about a time I felt very vulnerable in my business. These are all things I used to think were off limits until I realized that everything that influences my life personally becomes a part of my brand.

Since I am an entrepreneur and my clients buy my services, they are essentially buying pieces of my experience. Therefore, my business is personal and the personal is business.

The first step in my journey as an entrepreneur was finding my voice. This first step took months. I started my business in October 2016, but I don’t think I found my voice until June 2017 at the earliest.

My biggest piece of advice, especially early on in your business is to find your voice.

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